Fred W. Hundt

About Fred


Fred is a marketing executive with extensive business experience and a real appreciation for new technology. Fred has worked in large companies, small companies and non-profit organizations.  He’s built teams, organizations and brands across several different industries.  The one constant is “unconventional wisdom”--his ability to see business situations and problems in different ways and to use that perspective to generate new ideas to drive the organization forward. 

Having begun his career in product management with General Mills and Richardson-Vicks, he went on to help grow several smaller consumer products firms.  He reinvented a 400-person sales organization at the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  After the death of his son, Greg, from cancer, he helped Children’s Cancer Research Fund build a national direct-marketing program.  He’s consulted with several companies and led a team that raised $50MM in the last election cycle.

Fred is a recognized expert in brand development and the originator of the Emergent Brand Concept.  He does public speaking and training on marketing, direct marketing, proposal writing and creative problem-solving.


Fred’s Other Interests

Fred lives in Marine on St. Croix, the oldest civilian settlement in Minnesota; he was not a founding member of the community.  Marine is also reputedly the town that inspired Garrison Keillor’s Lake Woebegon.  Fred is an amateur meteorologist who operates “Fred’s Pretty Good Weather,” the unofficial local weather station.

Fred serves on the board of HSI, Inc., a health and human services organization.  Fred plays keyboards and bass with various impromptu ensembles.  He has released Mnemosyne, an album of original compositions.  In his spare time he is on his 12th year reading Finnegans Wake.

P.O. Box 254 Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047


Twitter:  fhundt